About Us

Our hallmark is the spirit of innovation and out of box thinking which forms the core culture of Vaata

  •  VAATA SMART Pvt Ltd. specialises in products with innovative design and engineering
  • Our first foray was in the field of wind energy. Vaata successfully developed a small vertical axis wind turbine and obtained certification. Efforts are on to improve the product and explore synergies to develop hybrid solutions in this segment
  •  Vaata diversified into Hygiene care products
  •  The first product in the Hygiene segment is “DryTab”, an innovative “continuous toilet cleaner” that gives safe and economical toilet hygiene to consumers
  • Dispensers for sanitisers and soap are other products on the anvil

Vaata range of hygiene products are available both in retail stores and in various online marketplace.


When we look back


Setting up of R&D centre with focus  with a mission "To address the needs of people through innovation.”

DryTab - Toilet Mate - Revolution in Toilet Cleaning technique.


Smart Vertical Axis wind turbine - Unique low cost small wind turbine for farmers;


Danta - Automatic Hand Sanitiser dispenser - A failsafe product with specially designed pump* ...(* - Patent pending)


Soap Dispenser and many more to come.....