Is it Safe to use Blue Tablets in my Toilet Tank? Is blue toilet water dangerous?

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Blue Tablets!

This is the most effective option to keep the toilets always clean. Today, almost everyone around the world is using blue tablets, which is the simplest, but effective choice to keep the toilet clean. This can also save your time and effort. 

However, with many great advantages to emphasize the effectiveness of blue tablets, there are still some controversies moving around against its usage.

What is a Blue Tablet?

Today, we see most of the toilets in the vibrant blue water. These are due to the tank cleaning tablets. These tablets are now becoming a perfect way to sanitize the toilet and keep it always clean. With the busy scheduled lifestyle, these tablets have become an excellent source to keep the toilet clean and reduce the need for frequent cleaning. They are also efficient enough to kill germs and viruses and thus ensure hygiene. Thus the chances of infections and spread of diseases are reduced.

Are the blue tablets really safe to use?

Besides providing many great advantages, blue tablets also have some disadvantages. When this is a perfect option to keep the toilet sanitized, it also has some potential harm to give. Here are a few to point:

  • Blue tablets can cause corrosion to the tank
  • Since these tablets contain chemicals that are toxic and harmful. Therefore, when such toxins released into the home and environment, they may turn hazardous to people living around
  • These tablets can get clogged against the flapper and prevents the seal from being closed completely. Therefore, the  water continuously runs and gets wasted
  • These tablets contain chlorine in huge quantities for whitening. This ingredient is said to have a high toxic effect, which is considered to be dangerous for the environment
  • They can corrode flush valves and thus brings the necessity to often change toilet innards. Therefore, it becomes inadvisable to expose them to the water at all times when used in the toilet tank
  • Unless there is a window that is constantly opened or a vent fan running, there is a chance for airborne chemicals from the tablets to remain in the bathroom. This can become harmful, once you enter the bathroom
  • Over time, the blue water spreads all over the pipelines, sewerage, etc. There is a chance for the pipeline to become corroded and thus the need to replace plumbing parts may arise often

Are there still valid reasons to use Blue Tablet safely?

With many obstructing points listed above, now you may be in a dilemma if to continue using the blue tablets or not?

There is no doubt that blue tablets make the toilet look nice and colored. However, at the same time, safety should also be ensured for continued usage. In this connotation, there is a convincing solution in the patented invention, DryTab. This automatic toilet cleaner takes enough measures to address the Blue Goo issue and presents a safe and reliable option

DryTab’s patented technology releases the blue liquid at the end of every flush. Hence there is no worry of Blue Goo in the cistern tank. The cistern tank is maintained safe and the toilet bowl is retained with blue water that controls the spread of toilet virus. Only an adequate quantity is left in the toilet bowl to ensure a germ-free, clean and pleasantly smelling toilet bowl. The blue water also emits a mild fragrance which replaces all the air pockets made for toilets, saving you a lot.

Now get an ever clean and hygienic toilet bowl with DryTabs’ safe and economical toilet cleaning technique!

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