DryTab FAQ

DryTab works well in both dual flush toilets and single flush toilets. Except concealed flush tanks.

The DryTab is ready to discharge the chemical once the cistern is full with water and the flushing lever can be operated.

DryTab releases a special chemical formulation consisting of disinfectant ,surfactant and fragrance. This formulation keeps the toilet germs free besides ensuring a clean and shiny toilet bowl.

DryTab is non-refillable. This product can be used only once.

After approximately 500 flushes, the blue discharge  will slowly begin to pale and the blue color will start to fade slightly. This is the ideal time to replace the old DryTab with a new one.

The cistern / tank will remain clean. Drytab will work only when the flush is used. In  the regular toilet cleaning tablets, if the flush is left idle for a month or so, Blue goo (the tablet dissolves and forms a thick compound called Blue goo) is formed. This is harmful to the cistern mechanism, resulting even in a need to replace the cistern tank. Whereas incase of DryTab, the Blue goo syndrome does not take place when the flush is unused even for a long period. This is a unique feature of DryTab.

Touching the blue fluid does not cause any harm to the skin. However, as an abundant precaution, it is always advisable to immediately clean the hands in fresh water using a hand wash 

If this happens immediately after your installation, please drain the water and pull out the DryTab. Wipe the DryTab clean, shake it thoroughly and reinstall. 

If the problem still persists, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care. 

After approximately 500 flushes , if you find that the blue liquid has paled, most probably the product would have exhausted the chemical component, needing a replacement of the new DryTab.

DryTab is enough to keep the toilet bowl and tank clean and free of germs. In addition, DryTab gives a wonderful lemon fragrance.

  • For heavy strains people need to do their usual cleaning process. 
  • If the tank and bowl are severely strained, before installing Drytab cleaning is suggested, 
  • Usually, Drytab can reduce the frequency of the cleaning process, because it’s soapy water and blue colour fight against yellow strain formation.

DryTab is designed in such a way that even if placed upside down, it can correct itself and stand in the right position. 

The best way to ensure a clean toilet bowl is to brush the inside of the bowl when the Drytab is releasing the blue color chemical. 

The weight of DryTab is 170 gms. The weight of the composite container is 90 gms. The weight of both DryTab and the composite container together is 260 gms.

Toilet disinfectants contain chemicals, surfactants, etc. Drytab too has chemicals to ensure disinfection and cleaning. But is the way the chemical is used by Drytab which makes it unique and least harmful to the ecosystem. Drytab releases the chemical in a controlled and small measure i.e., only 70 milligrams per flush, at the end of every flush such that it works on cleaning and disinfecting the bowl only. Normal tablets release at least ten times this value for the same effective cleaning.
Like any cleaning agent, DryTab is designed to kill harmful bacteria that causes diseases.
No, DryTab is not refillable.
DryTab does not support concealed tanks.