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DryTab Basic
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DryTab Basic

DryTab Basic

Kills Germs & Fights Stains!

  • DryTab BASIC is a hands free automatic toilet bowl cleaning device.
  • Just place DryTab Basic inside your flush tank.
  • Every time you flush…it kills germs & fights stains.
  • DryTab BASIC is designed to last upto 500* flushes.

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DryTab is designed to release cleaning-disinfecting agent at the end of every flush.
It regulates the rate at which the cleaning-disinfecting agent dissolves in water by limiting the volume of water being exposed to the agent inside the device.
DryTab maximizes the life of the cleaning agent, making it last much longer.
It retains sufficient concentrated cleaning agent within, which makes it work for multiple flushes.

Drain the flush tank
Place DryTab inside the flush tank
Ensure DryTab is fully submerged in water
Drain the flush tank fully in every flush for a super clean toilet bowl!

Automatic Hands Free toilet bowl cleaning
Cleans and disinfects every time you flush
Long lasting and cost effective
Removes stains with regular use
Neutralizes bad odour
Effective against STP (sewage treatment plant) water stench

Customer Reviews

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Vipul sachdeva
Very good

Nice 👌

Bidyut Bandyopadhyay
Very good product

Very good product

Saibal Prasad Chattopadhyay

Classic Dry Tab not up to the mark.

Trevor Drozario
Great product

Great product if the price is kept at this level. Anything more it would become uneconomical.

Senthikumar MSP

A Very good product, economically priced.