DryTab related questions

How is DryTab better than other toilet cleaning products?

  • Continuous Cleaning: DryTab automatically cleans your toilet bowl by releasing cleaning agent every time you flush
  • Lasts Long: DryTab is designed to last upto 500* flushes
  • Economical: DryTab releases a controlled amount of cleaning agent, only at the end of every flush, making it more economical. 
  • Efficient: Even if your toilet is not used for a long time, DryTab’s life is not reduced.
  • Added Fragrance: With DryTab Lime, FRAGRANCE is also released with every flush.

Is DryTab effective in toilets using STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) water?

Yes, DryTab is very effective. Many of our customers use DryTab as it fights the foul smell and dirty colour of STP water in toilets.

Does DryTab work in all types of flush tanks, including Indian toilets?

DryTab works well in all systems with an external flush tank. It is suitable for wall mounted flush tanks, whether it be Western or Indian.

Does DryTab work even in hard water?

DryTab is designed to work in all types of water.

What will happen if I don’t place DryTab properly?

DryTab is designed in such a way that even if it is improperly placed, it will sink to the bottom and settle in an upright position. DryTab doesn’t float or topple.

What is the pump feature in DryTab Lime?

DryTab Lime contains a mechanical fragrance pump which is patented. This pump enables the fragrance to get released every time you flush.

Should I use other toilet cleaning products/brush along with DryTab?

Since DryTab releases disinfectant and soapy foam with every flush, the need to scrub the toilet is greatly minimised.

Can DryTab be refilled again?

No, DryTab can not be refilled. 

The product is not dispensing when I flush. What should I do?

For DryTab to work effectively:

    • Ensure DryTab is fully submerged in water 
    • Ensure that the water in the tank is drained fully at the end of flushing. 


If the problem still persists, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care

How will you know if the product is empty? / When should I install a new DryTab?

The product is designed to last 500* flushes. When the water colour in the toilet bowl is a very light blue or if there is no colour, it is time for you to replace DryTab.

Will more water be used because of DryTab?

More water will not be used because of DryTab. 

After installing DryTab, what will happen if I have not flushed the tank for a long time?

The cistern / tank will continue to remain clean since the cleaning agent is housed within the device. 

I hear a sound in the product? Should I open it?

No. DO NOT OPEN THE DEVICE. It is normal to hear sound when you shake the device.

How long will the fragrance last in DryTab?

Fragrance and Cleaning Agent in DryTab are designed to last upto 500* flushes.

Does the functionality of DryTab depend on water quality?

Yes, the colour, foam and fragrance of DryTab may vary depending on the quality of water.

EazyDrops related questions

What is EazyDrops and what do I use it for?

EazyDrops is an electronic device that automatically dispenses any liquid inside its bottle when we place our hand underneath the nozzle.
It is useful for liquids such as sanitizers, liquid soaps, shampoo, moisturizer, etc. 

What are the liquids that can be dispensed with EazyDrops?

EazyDrops can dispense Shampoo, Conditioner, Sanitiser, Handwash, Body wash, Dish wash, Moisturizer, etc.

Where can EazyDrops be used?

EazyDrops can be used anywhere you want: home, office, hospital, hotel, bank, restaurant and so on.

How do I know if my device is on?

The front green LED light blinks to indicate that your device is working and has enough battery. If this LED blinks red, the device needs to be charged.

What does the led light colors denote?

Front LED light indicates

Green blinking - working normally

Red blinking - battery less than 25%

Side LED light lights up only when charging (near the charging port)

Green - Fully charged

Red - Charging

How do I care for my device?

Clean the device with clean cloth incase of any water spillage. 

Make sure the sensor is clean, free from dust and dirt.

How do I know if the battery is low? How do I charge it?

When the red indicator appears, your device has reached low battery. The device should be charged for 3 hours to be fully charged using Type C charger, the port is on the left side of the top unit. 

Product not working / Glass bottle not dispensing any liquid?

Check whether the device is on and the LED light on the Top unit is blinking.

Check whether the dispenser bottle is empty. 

Make sure the sensor is clean, free from dust and dirt. Use a clean dry piece of cotton cloth to clean it if needed. 

If still you are facing an issue then feel free to contact our customer care.

What are the contents inside the box?

1 x Top Unit

1 x Bottle Holder

1x Glass Bottle

2 x Screws

2 x Wall plugs

1 x Instruction manual.

Order/Delivery related Questions

What should I do if I receive a damaged product?

We request you to send photos and unboxing videos of the damaged product / packaging within 24 hours of receiving the product to enable us to assist you further. Please send the photos and unboxing video by email to our customer care.

When will my product be delivered?

After you have successfully placed an order, you will receive an email with the tracking number. You can track your delivery through the tracking id sent to you via the email.

How do I cancel my order?

Please contact us on our customer care.
Please note that an order can be cancelled only before the product has been dispatched.

I have trouble with online payment.

If your bank account has been debited for the purchase amount but you did not receive order confirmation email / sms, please contact us our customer care for further assistance.

I am unable to place an order.

Please contact our customer care for further assistance

How do I place a bulk order / order more than 10 units?

Please send an email to sales@vaata.com stating your requirement.

I placed my order online. How long do I wait to get the product delivered to me?

It takes around 3 to 7 business days depending on your location.

Are your products available globally?

At present, we are delivering only within India.

General Questions

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How can I become a distributor / reseller?

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