Upto 500* Flushes Most economical toilet cleaning technique
Dispenses surfactant cum disinfectant at the
end of every flush
drytab automatic toilet cleaner

DryTab - Keeps you free from cleaning the messy toilets!

Toilet cleaning is undoubtedly a messy job ! Keeping your toilet clean & hygienic is significant. In order to lead a healthy life, especially when there are many family members, it becomes essential to very frequently clean the toilet. This frequency may even imply daily cleaning. However, with busy life schedules, spending at least 10 – 15 minutes a day just cleaning the toilet is definitely a hectic and messy job. Perhaps, there should certainly be some solutions to save your time while keeping the toilet clean and hygienic always. In this connotation, the Vaata DryTab serves as a perfect solution for your daily toilet cleaning. This is the best toilet cleaner product, which can save both your time and effort while keeping you tension-free.

What is DryTab

DryTab is an effective in-tank toilet cleaner for continuous cleaning of mess. The uniqueness of DryTab lies in its cleaning action. With a superior and innovative design to retain concentrated liquid within itself; and releasing a dose of perfumed liquid at the end of every flush, DryTab delivers more flushes maximizing the chemical’s life. DryTab, thus lasts for 500+ flushes, which may last for approximately 2-3 months, depending on the usage.

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Dispense surfactant and disinfectant at the end of every flush

vaata shake before use


vaata drain the tank


vaata drop drytab


Key Advantages

vaata drytab toilet cleaners
drytab automatic toilet cleaning-systemdrytab automatic toilet cleaning system





DryTab is an In-tank toilet cleaner. How it works?

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